1951 Piper PA-20 in Friday Harbor, Washington

Aero Classic Aviation, LLC, in Friday Harbor, Washington, offers flight training, tailwheel endorsements, and aerial photography in our beautifully restored Piper PA-20.

Flying Plane, 1951 Piper PA-20 in Friday Harbor, WA

Tailwheel Endorsements

A desirable endorsement that enhances a pilots' stick and rudder skills and will carry over into all other aircraft. We emphasize flying by feel along with the other traditional techniques.                                                                                           

Flight Training

We offer private pilot flight training in a tailwheel aircraft which offers an advantage over learning in a tricycle geared aircraft, If you learn in a tricycle geared aircraft and later want to get a tailwheel endorsement which is a desirable add on as flying a tailwheel aircraft increases and refines flying skills, particularly stick and rudder work, you will spend an extra $1200 to $1500 (est). If you learn in a tailwheel aircraft there is no need to get the endorsement, and transition from tailwheel to tricycle gear  is much less expensive, typically requiring only a few hours of check out with an instructor.                                 

Introductory Flight

Take in introductory flight with a FAA certificated flight instructor. After a short briefing on the use of the controls and the theory of flying you will take the pilot's seat and the instructor will show you how to start the plane, taxi, do the safety run-up, then will take over the controls for the take off. After reaching a safe altitude you will take back the controls and be instructed in how to do turns, climbs, and descents. Single pilot price is $125 for 30 minutes of flight time and you may bring a friend along for no extra charge! An economical option is to book a 1 hour flight for $185 and split the cost with another person during which we will land at another airport, the pilots will switch seats and the second pilot will fly the 2nd leg.           

Photo Flight

A typical photo flight is wherever you would like to go with virtually no restrictions. You can use any type of camera you wish. Survey flights are typically used for a pipeline or power line report, in addition to wild life surveys. We give you the bird's eye view for any project or location.

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